(from June 15th, 2022-August 26th,2022)

At the heart of Takla Nation are the youth. In effort to provide better opportunities for our youth we offer the Summer Work Experience Program, to introduce new skills, teamwork, and a work atmosphere for the Nation’s young people. To assist in leading the program is the SWEP Youth Coordinator. This dynamic role will roll out the program activities, take attendance for the youth, conducts a toolbox meeting each morning and assist with the development of professional skills. This individual will be professional, have high energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude.


  • Assist, Manage, in coordinate and direct on-site operations of SWEP Program activities (O&M program, community beautification, fence building, agriculture site preparation, Nus Wadeezulh summer activities, graveyard, maintenance etc.)
  • When appropriate teach new skills and model tasks,
  • Assist in monitor and keep records of student’s attendance
  • Ensuring that the work environment is safe, secure, and healthy
  • Support social distancing protocols, and Covid related proactive activities,
  • Encourage a positive working environment,
  • Provide support with Communication with students and other staff, task understanding & teamwork.
  • Use or wear the required equipment, protective devices, and clothing
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Engage in contributing to and accomplishing the vision, mission, and goals of the Nation,

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of First Nations culture and traditions, and of systemic issues faced by First Nations people, and of the political and administrative structures of First Nations;
  • Experience working with youth and children
  • Excellent interpersonal skills,
  • High level of energy & patience,
  • Excellent problem -solving skills,

If you are interested in this position, please send Cover Letter and Resume to Human Resources, at hr@taklafn.ca by May31st 2022