About Takla Nation


Our Territory

The traditional territory of the Takla First Nation is located in North Central British Columbia and totals approximately 27,250 square kilometers. The territory is a rich environment of lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains, bordered on the west by the Skeena Mountains and on the east by the Rocky Mountains.

Our Nation is an amalgamation of the North Takla Band and the Fort Connelly Band, a union which occurred in 1959. Our traditional lands are the geographic area occupied by our ancestors for the community, social, economic and spiritual purposes. Carrier and Sekani place names exist for every physical feature and place that we occupy. Each name reflects the significance of the feature or site and today provides us with historical information to the rich history and extensive knowledge of our land and our resources.


Takla Landing

Takla First Nation’s main community is at Takla Landing, which lies 320 km north of Prince George, B.C. This picturesque community, home to approximately 250 residents, is situated on the eastern shore of Takla Lake. The community, which was isolated until the 1950’s when forestry pushed into the area, is now accessible through Fort St. James on paved and unpaved forestry road. Alternatively, there is summer access to Takla Landing via Germansen Landing, on rough, unpaved road.

Bear Lake 

Fort Conelly was once a busy Hudson’s Bay Post and community on the east shore of Bear Lake.

Currently Takla First Nation has 18 Reserves. The main community of Takla Landing lies within IR #7 and 7A.

IR #1 Driftwood River

IR #1A Bear Lake (Upper Driftwood River)

IR #1B Bear Lake (Tsaytut Bay)

IR #1C Bear Lake (Tsaytut Island)

IR #2 Bear Lake (Kotsine)

IR #3 Bear Lake (Sustut River)

IR #4 Bear River (Fort Connelly)

IR #5 Tsupmeet (Patcha Creek)

IR #6 Klewaduska (Cataract)

IR #7 North Takla Lake

IR #7A North Takla Lake

IR #8 North Takla Lake (West Landing)

IR #9 Takla Lake (Ferry Landing)

IR #10 North Takla Lake (Bates Creek)

IR #11 Cheztainya Lake

IR #11A North Takla Lake

IR #12 North Takla Lake

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