Takla Nation is proud of the work done in the past few years to upgrade and expand its housing stock in Takla Landing. Having safe, affordable housing is a basic right for our members. Much of the on-reserve housing had fallen into disrepair, but by developing a professional Housing Department to oversee current and future units, we are making great strides in getting back on track.

The Housing Department:

  • assists members to understand the Community Housing Policy (CHP)
  • maintains the Housing Waiting List
  • prepares and monitors budget for housing administration, repairs, and maintenance
  • administers the day-to-day operation of Takla Nation housing assets
  • maintains a fair and equitable maintenance fee system for all units
  • seeks funding for, and provides administrative support relating to, new home construction
  • gathers housing information to enhance strategic planning for the community
  • provides Council with recommendations to diversify housing options for TLFN members
  • recommends amendments to the CHP based on regular reviews of the CHP, feedback from members, and changing housing options
  • make recommendations to the Housing Committee with respect to enforcing the CHP


Housing Committee TOR Feb 2019


In summer 2017 Chief and Council committed an extra $250,000 to housing renovations. Between 2018 and 2020, the Nation will spend approximately $3 million to upgrade houses in Takla Landing. The funding for maintenance comes from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Department of Indigenous Services Canada, and Takla Nation. After 2020, Takla Nation will be entirely responsible for all maintenance of housing on reserve.

Overview of Housing the Takla Nation is responsible for

The Takla Nation has four current housing systems. Portfolio 70, Teacherages, TLFN-owned and CMHC-assisted homes and Metric Duplexes. There is also a six-plex of one bedroom units slated to be built in the spring.

  • Portfolio 70 is older homes apart from the five teacherages beside the school. It consists of 64 single family dwellings and 3 duplexes.
  • Teacherages are generally homes reserved for the teaching staff.
  • TLFN-owned and CMHC-assisted homes consist of 12 units. There are six four bedroom single family dwellings, and two triplexes with each unit having 2 bedrooms.
  • Metric Duplexes are six three bedroom duplex units that are being allocated to families in 2018.

Takla Nation members collectively own the residences at Takla Landing (North Takla Lake IR 7 and 7A). Council is exploring homeownership options for members as part of a multi-year strategic planning process. Council has ultimate authority and responsibility for the governance of housing assets on behalf of the membership. The Council passed a Community Housing Policy (CHP) in summer 2017, which defines the Housing Committee, outlines policy amendments and housing appeal processes.

The Housing Committee (HC) will be implemented in fall 2018, consisting of five members appointed by Council for a term of twelve months; Council may choose to reappoint members who would like to continue for more than one term.  The Housing Committee will:

  • support Housing Department efforts to administer assets
  • promote the understanding and enforcement of the CHP among members
  • participate in community consultations regarding the CHP and housing issues
  • advise Council and the Housing Department about community housing concerns
  • apply fair and equitable methods to recommend to Council how to allocate housing resources including vacant units and maintenance budgets
  • gather housing information to enhance strategic planning for the community
Access to On-Reserve Housing

All members are eligible to apply to be on the Takla Housing Waiting List, but Council recommends that applications be limited to members living in Takla Landing and those intending to move to Takla Landing within five years. Tenants living in TN units are eligible to apply to be on the Waiting List if their current home does not meet their needs due to overcrowding, over-housing, or some other reason. When a current tenant is selected to be allocated a vacant home, the home they move out of will then be reallocated to someone on the Waiting List.

Inclusion on the Waiting List is necessary to be considered for allocation of a housing unit but is not a guarantee of being allocated a housing unit. An application remains on the Waiting List for the remainder of the calendar year in which it is submitted and for the following calendar year unless the member concerned withdraws it sooner. Applicants are encouraged to inform the Housing Staff at any time if family members are added or leave, or if they wish to be removed from the Waiting List.

Council allocates vacant homes to members based on recommendations provided by the Housing Committee which are based on the Selection Criteria Points Rating System developed in consultation with members.

Housing Report PowerPoint

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