Public Works

The Public Works Department takes care of the community of Takla Landing, our public facilities, roads, water, recycling, emergency generator, and garbage collection. We also lead the development of capital projects such as the new Band Office, new housing units, and the upcoming recycling program.

Takla Nation Public Works (formerly Capital, Operations & Maintenance) is responsible for:

  • Capital services, including overall planning, design, and management of house and community building construction, roads and related systems, lot management
  • Maintaining all community facilities, including Band Office, Nus Wadeelzuhl Community School, Adult Education Centre, Health Centre, Potlatch House (including Daycare), Water Treatment Plant, Transfer Station (Does not include Takla Trading Post or RCMP facilities)
  • Community services, including roads and drainage, recycling program, waste transfer and disposal, utility support for community of Takla Landing (excluding internet), and emergency response services for Takla Landing and nearby Takla communities
  • Liaison, direction, resource requests, allocation management, reporting with all Takla Nation Administration, Chief and Council, relevant levels of government, and external funding or regulatory agencies
  • Developing and maintaining effective long-term, strategic relationships with professional advisors such as engineering firms, community planners on behalf of Takla Nation
  • Overall emergency, medium- and long-term planning and management of Takla Nation’s infrastructure with direction from Chief and Council, using approved professional practice, and in conjunction with the Nation’s Comprehensive Community Plan
  • Developing and maintaining effective strategies and communications to share, receive, and act on information related to community needs and interests
  • Establishing relevant bylaws, policies, procedures, and protocols are required by legislation, for community safety, for employee management and performance, and for effective community services
  • Maintaining all necessary records and documents for future reference

Takla Nation Public Works Department uses a community-driven planning model, seeking resources for identified priorities and projects.

Strategic Targets
Strategic Targets are a three-year rolling plan of the key priorities for Public Works. They are initially defined by Public Works Department and Takla Administration and approved annually as a three-year strategy by Chief and Council. As community-driven priorities, these are not defined by available funding, but by community needs. Funding is sought based on identified needs and strategies. Funding realities may push some projects forward or back or may require political advocacy to get funding in place. The rolling plan allows the Department and Council to review priorities on a regular basis, at a high level. Each year of the rolling plan should include a realistic number of projects/targets. Administration and Council accept that priorities change, emergencies occur, and funding isn’t always available as originally anticipated.
Annual Operational Plans
Annual Operational Plans are based on the strategic targets, taking each project to a working level, and assigning specific tasks to ensure project completion. Summary notes are kept within the document allowing for ready tracking and reporting to Chief and Council, and external agencies.


To assist in managing volumes of site visitors at the Takla Nation Eco-Depot transfer station, Takla Nation is prepared to direct and monitor visits to the transfer station to recycle, compost, and discard materials according to your solid waste guides. This means the facility will be open according to the solid waste collection schedule and will be able to accept your items given you remain in your vehicle and follow all precautions in relation to COVID-19 (Corona Virus), site rules, and until you receive direction of the station attendant on where to go to discard items and materials.

For those residents serviced by driveway roadside recycling collection, compost collection, and garbage collection continue to utilize these services for the disposal of your household waste and reduce unnecessary trips to our Eco-Depot transfer station.  The public is reminded to continue to adopt waste reduction and recycling practices to reduce the pressure on the eco depot and environment.


Takla Nation is asking that the public assists us in reducing the spread of COVID-19, all site visitors are asked the following:

  • Refrain from accessing our facilities if you are unwell or have travelled outside of Takla Landing within the last 14 days.
  • Practice social distancing by keeping six feet away from staff and other community members of Takla Landing.
  • Reduce in-person visits to facilities if it is non-essential or if your inquiry can be handled through a phone call to 250-996-7877 or 1-877-794-7877.

The situation with COVID-19 is unprecedented and is evolving every day. Takla Nation will continue to follow directions from provincial and federal authorities, health agencies, and Takla Nation Emergency Operations Centre.

In the meantime, the public is reminded to be vigilant in protecting themselves and their family from the spread of COVID-19 and follow the advice from the BC Centre for Disease Control. Wash your hands often with soap and water, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, avoid others who are unwell, and stay home when you are sick. Heed the advice and direction set out by the Provincial Health Officer for additional precautionary measures.

Water treatment plant
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