Emergency Preparedness and Fire Department


Takla Nation has worked closely with First Nations Emergency Support Services (FNESS) in summer 2018 to update its emergency plan during the fire season. Our new system has been tested in the field and we are proud that we now have the tools too keep our community safe.

Emergency Preparedness includes:

  1.  Takla Landing volunteer fire department
  2.  Fire hall and equipment
  3.  Trained volunteers
  4.  Trained and consistent fire chief/emergency coordinator
  5.  First responder coordination with the RCMP and Health Clinic for emergency situations
  6.  Wildfire response systems and coordination
  7.  Awareness of other possible emergency situations, and strategies for communication and coordination

Councillor Wilma Abraham has been working diligently for two years to prepare Takla Landing for its volunteer fire department. This includes:

Fire prevention

Training of volunteer firefighters

Establishing a fire hall and equipment

On-going training and maintenance to keep the community safe

Following the most devastating fire season in all of BC’s history, watch as our nation prepares for the upcoming battle.

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