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We are a resilient nation. Takla is always one of the first communities to say Yes! We’ll do this! We’re the first ones in for pilot projects, which means we’re first for much of the funding, which serves our community.  We do our work by looking at who we are, being honest, and now by gathering and tracking data so we can plan for the future. As a Council we are striving to do things properly, planning for the future. As families, we have a low ratio of children and families involved with the Ministry.

Deputy Chief Sandra Teegee

January 2018 AGA

Takla Nation works closely with Carrier Sekani Family Services and First Nations Health Authority to support a healthy and healing community, and resilient, positive families. Services include:

  • Nursing and medical services at the Takla Landing Clinic
  • Dental services
  • Patient liaison
  • Maternity support and programs
  • Health benefits and patient travel
  • Home and community care services
  • Health and wellness counselling
  • Addictions recovery supports
  • Child development services
  • Family preservation and empowerment
  • Delegated child welfare supports
  • Violence prevention
  • Community based victim services
  • Mediation and family justice services
  • Youth services

We also provide status card services to members in both Takla and Prince George.

Status Cards

For all inquiries regarding Status cards for Takla Nation members, please contact to make an appointment.


In the rebuilding of our nation, our members are the foundation of which we grow from. Watch as we transform our nation, one life at a time.




In 2018 Takla Nation explored new ways for healing and found Transformations. Under the leadership of Deputy Chief Sandra Teegee, with the full support and approval for own-source funding by Chief and Council colleagues, more than XX?? Takla Nation members and employees participated in the four-day healing journey by spring 2019. Transformations has been a great foundation for many of us; now we’re ready for the next healing step, for ourselves and our Nation. We offer this photo gallery in honour of the hard work of everyone on this path.


Helpful Links:

 ARP Flyer Jan 2021 Registration Form

  • Health clinic schedule or calendar
  • Health clinic information
  • Information on status cards

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