Staff Directory

TitleNamePhone Number
Member Services Manager Bessie French-Downey250-996-7877 ex. 2009

Education & Employment ManagerHolly West250-564-9321 ext 3022

Finance Admin CoordinatorDiane Trenaman250-564-9321 ext 4008

Finance Receptionist Mary Parent250-564-9321


Human Resources Generalist, Benefits & OnboardingShannon West250-564-9321 ext 4003

Manager, Nuwh K'un'aghSylvia Jack250-564-9321 ext 3009

GIS TechnologistMitchell MacFarlane250-564-9321 ext 3019

Public Works Manager & Health Portfolio CouncilorErnie French250-996-7877 ex 2004

Elder WorkerHeather Abraham250-996-7780

Community Health RepresentativeCody Johnny250-996-7780

NADAP ProgramRichard Abraham250-996-7780

Holistic Service Director Crystal French250-996-7780


Education Portfolio CouncilorAnita Williams

ChiefJohn Allen French 250-564-9321 ex. 4005

Deputy Chief, Capital Councilor Wilma Abraham250-996 -7877 ext 2006

Director of CommunicationsSheanna Williams250-613-7671

250-564-9321 ext 4021

Administration, Lands & Stewardship Brandy Jarvis250-564-9321 ex 3004


Fisheries CoordinatorKeith West250-564-9321 ext 3010

Referrals Coordinator Tessa Lewis250-564-9321 ext 3011

Emergency Services Manager/Fire ChiefJeremiah LouisCell: 250-614-6559 Office: 250-996-7877 

Teacher Assistant Carlyn Alexander250-996-7210

Teacher Assistant Susie Charlie250-996-7210 

Teacher Associate / Bus DriverCatherine West250-996-7210

Employment CoordinatorLisa Teegee250-996-7877 ext 2001

Social Development/Support Worker/ Membership AdministratorAnn Abraham250-996-7877 ex 2010

Cell – 250-617-2124


Tourism ManagerJaden French250-612-7449


Youth Worker Phyllis Charlie250-564-9321

Cell – 250-617-3880 


Intern 2Amberlynn Abraham250-564-9321

School Maintenance Leonard Austin250-996-7210

TTP Operations SupervisorJodi Nelson250-564-9321 ext 4017 

Public Works - Transfer Station Larry Dominic250-996-7471 
Language and Culture Teacher Paige French250-997-7210

Accounting Clerk Rosanna Grundy250-564-9321 ext 4016 

Education Assistant Cynthia Hasenorhl250-996-7210 

Justice Manager Dianne Parent250-564-9321 

Environmental Technician Colin Teegee250-564-9321

School Receptionist Carrie West250-996-7210

Public Works Operator Shayne West250-996-7471 

Dividend Dividend Contact250-564-9321

Finance Officer Jami McDonald250-564-9321 ext 4013

Finance CoordinatorLeann Warner250-564-9321 ext 4009

Finance DirectorSteve Reynolds250-564-9321 ext 4010

Director of Human ResourcesNelson Onwuliri250-564-9321 ext 4002

Interim General Manager of OperationsSheila McCutcheon250-564-9321 ext 4018

Human Resources Assistant Tanus Patrick250-564-9321 ext 3023

Intern Tashyla Teschuk250-564-9321

Intern 3Lea French250-564-9321

Intern 4Kashanna Charlie250-564-9321

Website DeveloperAustin Armstrong250-564-9321 ext 3024

ForesterConor Sproull250-564-9321 ext 3006

BiologistCory Williamson250-564-9321

Director, Lands & StewardshipScott Emmons250-564-9321 ext 3002

Youth DiversionAllan Teschuk  

Uze De Yah TeacherBrian Toll250-563-8317

Education CoordinatorCher West250-564-9321 ext. 3018

Takla Administration Receptionist Winnie French250-996-7877

Nus Wadeezuhl Community School TeacherElizabeth Calder250-996-7210

Liasion OfficerFrank Alec250-996-7877

Outreach WorkerKitty Mueller250-996-7780

Wildlife BiologistKrista Sittler250-564-9321 ext 3020  

Youth and Elder AssistantLarissa Coombs250-996-7877

Nus Wadeezuhl CustodianLucy West250-996-7210

Residential School Project PlannerMaxwell Onwuliri250-564-9321

Youth and Elder Program CoordinatorMeagan Louis250-996-7877

Communications CoordinatorMeagan Howard-Gibbon250-564-9321 ext 4021

Clinic Administrative CoordinatorNatalia Laskowski250-996-7780

TeacherRiley Askin250-996-7210

Hatchery TechnicianRobert Abraham

Housing ManagerSamantha West250-996-7877 ext 2002

Youth & Elder ManagerTammie French250-996-7877

Public Works Operator & Heavy Machine TechnicianJohnny Alec

Public Works OperatorDarnel George

Recreation CoordinatorHailey Belatti

Community Support CoordinatorApril Parenteau
Tourism CoordinatorKirstie Abraham
Lands GuardianKimberly Alec250-996-7210

Takla Trading Post Manager Morgan Langton250-996-7367

Nus Wadeezuhl Community School TeacherFen Yang250-996-7210

Nus Wadeezuhl Community School TeacherCarissa Richard250-996-7210

Nus Wadeezuhl Community School PrincipalShahin Agah250-996-7210

Elder CoordinatorMichelle French

Nuwh K’un’agh Assistant Sheena Teegee

Public Works OperatorDarnel George

Takla Nation Departments

Department Phone Fax
Adult Ed. Center 250-996 -8551 250-996-7888
Band Office 250-996 -7877 250- 996-7874
Band Toll-Free 1- 877-794-7877
Clinic 250-996 -7780 250-996-7702
Potlatch House 250-996 -7408
Principal’s Office 250-996 -7205 250-996-7216
RCMP 250-996 -7847
School 250-996 -7210
Takla Trading Post 250-996 -7367 250-996-7304
Water Treatment Plant 250-996 -7471 250-996-6902

Takla Landing BC
Tel: 250-996-7877
Fax: 250-996-7874
Toll-Free: 1-877-794-7877

Finance Office
510 Carney Street
Prince George BC
V2M 2K6
Tel: 250-564-9321
Fax: 250-564-9521